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Mr. Sun

Dec. 1st, 2005 | 04:44 pm

Mr. Sun
Originally uploaded by ntrix_08.

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free ebooks

Nov. 28th, 2005 | 06:58 pm
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Like Jackie, I also posted last week about one of the articles which was suppose top be for this week. So instead I will solely be commenting on the free ebooks-Project Gutenberg. I think it is a cool idea to have free books online, but I have never actually downloaded a book before. However, I find this oddly similar to downloading music online. I know a lot of people may not agree with free ebooks being online where you can download and print out books for free, but it is the same as downloading music online for your personal pleasure. I'm sorry if I can get a book online for free then I am taking the time to download the book if it is worth it. It is hard because I understand that someone out there is losing out on the money from their music or their books, however, things do get expensive and if there is a free way to assess them, then I'm sure most people would jump at the chance to save some money. Obviously this is only good for when you want to read the book privately it is not like I am going to go into one of the classrooms that I work at and be like "hey everyone, free books" I won't promote but I will use it. It is also very similar to ecards, because I go to school and live downtown I hardly see my friends from home and when it’s a special occasion or one of their birthdays and I don’t have money to buy a card and send it through the mail, I am going to use the free ecard that is available on the net. I think its great that people have sites like Project Gutenberg.

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Nolan, Armstrong & Casemont & tuxpaint

Nov. 20th, 2005 | 08:23 pm
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When reading the first article written by Jason, I realized that I understand what he is trying to say, however, in my experiences people just don't know about it and its not because their not educated its because they push it in the back of their minds. For example myself, I have heard of open source software before I didn't learn it from any of my teachers or any educators other than just recently but I was introduced to it by my friends who are taking comp sci which I have mentioned in my other post. However, they have told me the benefits, but I just choose to do something that I believe has no deep great affect on me. Ok maybe, some day down the road it may, but honestly this stuff at times seems foreign to me. My friends have tried to explain it to me, but honestly I just don't get it. It confuses me so much!!! So, in that case I believe that I am not the only, there are people out there that are far worse then I am and probably don't want to even acknowledge this software at least in a sense I tried. I guess in the same way its like not knowing how the internet REALLY works. Maybe if someone took on this huge advertising to make the software understandable to someone like myself that maybe it may become more popular among those who don't know computers as well and one day might take over.
As for the article of the child and the machine, I agree the computer, television or any type of screen that is supposedly teaching language will NEVER take over the real concrete learning that someone would get through interaction. Especially after taking Roma's language course this year, you learn to appreciate the natural learning a child will have through the interaction that you display with them on a daily basis. I just feel that "popular technology" takes that essence away from personal interaction.
Tuxpaint looks interesting however, nothing beats the real stuff, but it looks great from what I saw, i like the fact that it was developed by volunteers and still continues to be.

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Children as Photographers

Nov. 13th, 2005 | 07:23 pm
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Like I have said before I LOVE taking pictures. Pictures to me is so important, so naturally when I went home this weekend I was at my little cousins birthday party and I let them take pictures. However, their parents have let them use cameras before so they already knew how to use the camera and take photos. they even take pictures off of their parents camera phones. The point I guess that I am trying to get at is that the researchers were studying the results of what these children would do with these cameras and what would happen if they gave them something to focus on and duplicate and their results were that they displayed an improvement in their skills with using these cameras. However, my thought on it is that happens with most things in this world not just a camera. We go by this philosphy in this class of mastery based learning. To me, that is exactly what these kids are doing with the camera. A camera isn't something where you can just take it and point and click, you have to know how to use in more ways than one. So when they found that children were actually using this as a tool for something more than just personal use. It doesn't surprise me, going back to my cousins who were taking pictures at the party, they probably could take better pictures than my mom because they are getting the opportunities and the exprience to do so, whereas someone like my mom who completely shies away from technology isn't.

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Access Grid

Nov. 7th, 2005 | 06:46 pm
mood: worriedworried
music: nothing today just the sight of my assignments piling up

When you read an article about technology in any aspect, I know with myself that I automatically make an image of what I perceive the concept to look like. When I was reading about the access grid last week I was picturing in my head something small, but very technical meaning, cameras everywhere, screens everywhere and wires all I kept thinking about was wires. As well you have this perception of the quality of what something like this would be like.
After actually experiencing it, I would have to say it was a little different but not by much then what I imagined. Even though there were only three screens, inside of those screens were many little screens and it is hard to focus your attention on the main BIG one because to me I’m so curious of what other things are going around me. The side where I was sitting, where all the concrete technical stuff was, was a bit overwhelming, although none of that had to do with me personally, it just made me think of all the work that someone like Ken would have had to put into developing such a concept, it was fascinating to think that someone could accomplish such an achievement as video conferencing. The quality as well was not bad either. The experience was a good one and I believe that it could develop into something more, especially with education because it is a great tool, so many different ways to use it; it just sucks because it is so expensive. Someone should develop a cheaper way for it to be installed so that schools can afford it.

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Technology in the classroom

Oct. 30th, 2005 | 09:12 pm
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music: Christina Aguilera- A song for You

I actually enjoyed reading the articles this week, it's fascinating to me what is out there that can be used within a classroom that people like myself would have never thought of using. For example the camera teachers use it all the time on field trips or of special events with the school. I would like to have seen if a child had a camera what they would take pictures of. On Friday I went on a field trip with my kindergarten class from placement to a farm. I took tons of pictures (because those of you that know me, I love taking pictures of anything and everything). Now that I think about it I should have given a disposable camera to one of the kids and have them use it at the farm. It would have been a great extension to the field trip as well as it could build up the confidence of that child because they would have been able to share their experiences with the rest of the class. I guess I’ll have to remember that for the next trip. In the article there was a sentence that stuck out: "younger children may lack competence in aiming cameras and framing scenes. They may also have difficulty in thinking about a photograph as a pictorial image, with properties such as composition and focus, as opposed to the scene or subject that it represents." This stuck out because I feel that it’s not how they take the picture and that they get everything perfect. The picture to me means something because I put meaning to it. If a picture was taken and someone told me how to look at it, it takes everything away from the photo that is left for interpretation by the eyes of the person who looks at it. I believe that a picture is always viewed by the individual and the experiences and emotions that they have when looking at a photo, which I believe is one of the greatest things that we can teach children.
In regards to video conferencing I believe that it could be beneficial for many reasons. One, because it could be a way to encourage social interaction not just within the classroom but among an entirely different world that otherwise the student might never be exposed to. Second, this is a way to keep the students interested I look back and think that if I had this when I was a student in elementary or high school I wouldn't have been so bored half the time. Third, it's filled with countless opportunities for one to explore outside the boundaries of paper and pencil and inside the classroom walls.

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Readings-Week of Oct 25th, 2005

Oct. 24th, 2005 | 08:03 pm
mood: confusedconfused

First to comment on the article of "A Rape in Cyberspace". The way I look at it I was glad he got "toaded", because even though it was just on computer and there was no physical attack, to me the fact that he was even thinking of doing it and then acted on the thought is like actually committing the rape. Even in the end of the article where they state that it was an entire floor that decided to play with these horrific actions does not in my eyes make it any different if the entire group raped or sexually abused someone in person. In both instances it doesn't make the act or role playing of the act any different from each other. As well when he returns when they are having that discussion and he tries to explain his actions and he was getting attacked is exactly what would happen in real life. I surprised he even showed up. And to down play it as if it weren't real is horrible. A person who feels that they are being victimized and feels violated by the attack SHOULD take action. As well the fact that it wasn't hidden and was seen and no one really did or say anything while it was happening (from what I got in the article no one acted on it except for the victims) is something that should have also been brought up. However, when I read the article and found out that they wanted to delete him altogether put the thought in my head that what is going to stop him from coming back and continuing with this behavior in which at the end of the article he did. This disturbs me because children will be on the net and lets say it wasn't in the security of this LambdaMOO place, what if it were in any chat that children just happen to stumble across what if they perceived these actions as ok or cool. That is that needs to be considered.
Ok.... for the other two articles about race. The article of the study done to me, doesn't take into account many other factors. Ok so the study showed that race, income, education is some what related to computer access. However, it does not take into account things like locations or communities which could have a MAJOR impact on all of the factors mentioned in the study. Or even basic knowledge of computers or internet, it may be common for us but some they may not even know basic aspects of computers or the web. As well as CHOICE, what if some African Americans or Caucasians choose to accept technology or don't want it apart of their life.
Lastly with pretending to be a different race. All I have to say is if you want to pretend to be a different race other than your own and you want to look authentic do your RESEARCH not what is popular and in the media.

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Starr, Dern & Walsh

Oct. 18th, 2005 | 12:01 am
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music: Because of You- Kelly Clarkson

Dern's article is very interesting to me because my friends from high school that are now in comp-sci keep having these conversations about Linux and how they prefer using Linux and its so much easier than using other software, while I sit there confused because I have no idea what they are talking about or that there was actually other software out there other than Microsoft. But that is only because I’m very naive when it comes to computers. However, I agree with the article that not many people use Linux because it is too far from the norm of what society is used to using. From my discussions with my friends we find that people are afraid to try new things especially when it comes to technology and they find themselves only being able to talk to about software like Linux only to those who have has exposure and experience using this software. Maybe it will help children with computer literacy by teaching them how to use open software such as Linux how ever, you have to take each individual as unique and observe or identify their perceptions of computer literacy.
In regards to Starr's article I personally have never been exposed to SimCity or and simulation games and I don't know if I’m really that interested in it to tell you the truth. It's hard for me to be interested in things like this and it may affect my teachings when I begin in my own classroom because it isn't something that I truly feel strongly about. Maybe the children in my class won't benefit from these types of games but I’m sure I’d find other mediums for them to use.
Walsh-First of all let me say how much I approve of this website. I enjoy the fact that they are advocating the fact that parent’s should be watching what their children are watching, playing or surfing. I believe it is a beneficial website for parents to really take charge and REALIZE some of the stuff that is out there in the media.

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Searching Tools, Hacking Humans & Censorship

Oct. 7th, 2005 | 11:20 pm
mood: rushedrushed
music: Gold Digger- Kanye West ft. Jamie Foxx

Hacking just blows my mind. From what I got from the article it isn't so much the case that someone is actually hacking into your pc on purpose but rather that it is the fact that people that use the internet leave so much that they do on the internet so open. However, let's say you encounter someone like me, who I will admit isn't the greatest with computers and frankly am terrified of them, I use the internet and most of the time I think that I am using the right precautions but still don't realize how open I am on the internet. I remember the discussion in class that we had about constantly being watched and how we discussed that you may be watched at any time, anywhere. Isn't that the same as when you use the computer? If you’re not careful you're sort of like an easy target. BUT does that give the “hackers” the right to probe or view other people’s private computers. I think if someone wanted you to know something about them they will give you that information regardless if it is through a blog or photos or even personally give you information. People are comfortable with a certain level of trust that they feel is out there. They may believe that they are using the internet and using it for personal uses with the belief that it is kept private and hoping that someone won’t interfere or break that level of trust that they feel they have with the rest of the world. Call me naïve, but I certainly am one of those people.

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Oct. 2nd, 2005 | 09:23 pm
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation from what I saw in some of the articles is a place where they gather articles that support the electronic aspect of our world and defends its case through articles. The article that I chose had to do with politics. A candidate was opposing a view from his opponent about the censorship of the internet. His opponent believed that it was the governments job to censor the internet for children. I agreed with the argument brought up by the man who wrote the article that it should not be the governments job to censor the internet for children however, it is the parents responsibility as well. It is true what was stated in the article that there is software out there in every computer store that censors already. I believe that a child should only be on the internet when accompanied by an adult (that being a teacher or a caregiver) or at the very least someone should be aware that they are on the net.
article found here: http://www.eff.org/Censorship/Internet_censorship_bills/wyden_0196_cda.statement

Center for Children & Technology, this website I found to have a better layout then the EFF. It is however, very similar in the sense that the website focuses soleyly on technology as a learning tool in and outside of the classroom. The article that I chose was an evauluation of IBM Corp and certain States in the US that want to reinvent education through technology. So far they have been successful in evaluating programs that are useful as well as developing programs for children in schools that will enhance their learning not only in technology but in life. First of all this article was written about schools in the US so it may not be relevent to educators here in Canada but I found this article to be interesting because a lot is actually being done for the importance of technology in the States whereas here in Canada and I could be wrong but exposure of the importance of programs and technology in the classroom is not as popular here.
article found here: http://www2.edc.org/CCT/publications_report_summary.asp?numPubId=164 (click on PDF file)

I found the CCT website to be useful because they had many resoruces supporting their claims and would be a useful tool for educators when looking for research on this topic in schools the EFF is also useful; however, I could see in the future if I were looking for specific articles it may be harder for me to access specifics.

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